Welcome to The Honest Mum Coach website, thank you for checking it out. 

I am The Honest Mum Coach, Amanda Murray and I am a mum of twins.  I am a confidence and mindset coach for women who are ready to go from overwhelmed to motivated and living life with joy and purpose.

You have found your way to this page because you are a mum who is tired of feeling stuck in motherhood.

You are at the point where you know that something needs to change.


This is where I come in…

I call myself The Honest Mum Coach because I will be straight up and honest with you.

Motherhood is hard… 

It is the hardest and yet the most rewarding unpaid job you will ever have. 

But it is time to bring back the women that you really are.

It is time to reignite your motivation, grow your confidence and bring balance and happiness back into your life. 


I can hear you asking, yes but how can YOU help?


Together we will:

Explore where you are feeling stuck and learn how to free yourself from some of that Mum guilt (yeah, I had it too!) so that you can be more in control.

Smash through some limiting beliefs that may have been hanging around for a while so that you can stop holding yourself back – you’d be shocked at how many ‘mothers are supposed to do this’ beliefs we have inherited over a lifetime. I believe that real motherhood is all about freedom. Freedom to be yourself, freedom to parent and mother in a way that feels good for you and your family, and most importantly, freedom to pursue things that bring YOU joy (yes you, the woman who has passion, ideas and energy – she is still there I promise!)

Understand more about some limiting beliefs that may have been hanging around for a while so that you can stop holding yourself back.

Get you crystal clear on what is most important to you as a woman – so that you can make more room for this in your life without sacrificing quality family time – and 100% guilt-free.

Create a plan to help you live intentionally. So you aren’t just ‘getting through’ these hard mama years, but you have a plan for your life, your career and your family. You know how you want your future to be, and you have an action plan that will help   close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. A motivated Mama is a woman on fire for her family and her purpose. I help you uncover that woman and create the joyful family and life you know you deserve.


I believe…

I believe that every woman has the power within them to live the life they truly want.  I believe that sometimes we can get lost along the way-  especially in motherhood – but that we have the power to find our way back when we are ready.

I believe that, to be the best mothers to our children that we have no choice but to be the best version of ourselves. I believe that our children will learn more from watching us and how we show up then they will ever learn by listening to us. 

This is why it is so important for us as women and mothers to follow our hearts and go after what we really want. 

It is time to take yourself on and reap the rewards. 

It all begins when you say – YES, sign me up – I’m ready to be a Motivated Mama, for myself and my family!

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Amanda is someone that makes you feel comfortable right away.  She is a great listener and really tries to understand what’s going on in your life.  You’ll get a great insight in your life and how you feel as she is constantly asking questions and digging deeper.  I highly recommend working with her!

Daisy Fagel

Amanda is a very genuine person, asking the right challenging questions. Loved working with her!

Katelijne van Tienhoven