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My Pregnancy Journey

On Friday 26th June 2015 I took a pregnancy test expecting it to be negative.  I was in shock, so I actually went out and bought another test just to double check and yes I was still pregnant.

I had only come off the pill in April 2015 and was pregnant at the start of June.  What the ****!!!  I had always heard how long it could take, I never imagined it happening so fast.

Finding out I was pregnant was a shock but what happen next definitely was unexpected.  The 14th August was my first hospital appointment and scan.  The appointment was going well and we went in for the scan and I remember lying there and my husband standing at the end of the bed.  The sonographer turns around and says “oh I should have told you to sit down” we looked at each other and she goes “you are having twins”.

All my husband said was “Are you sure there is only two?”.

Be careful what you wish for because we had always said how perfect it would be if we had twins because we were only planning on having two anyway.  I believe in positive thinking but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would actually end up having twins.

So we were now having twins, we were surprised and shocked, but absolutely delighted. 

The pregnancy was going well, I was huge by October and getting bigger by the minute.  Christmas Eve I had to go out and buy runners two sizes bigger because my feet and legs were so swollen.  Maternity clothes barely fit, my bump was so big.  I didn’t know how I was going to cope because I wasn’t due until mid-February but I wanted them to stay inside for as long as possible.

They were due to be delivered at week 37 (which is normal for twins).  So when week 34 arrived we were due in the hospital for another scan.  Off we went and there was a junior sonographer being trained in on multiples, so there were two sonographers in the room looking at our babies, which was fine, no problem at all.  Well that was up until the junior sonographer mentioned a third head.

It was another what the **** moment.  The qualified sonographer took over and was acting like it was all normal and wouldn’t explain exactly what she was seeing and because I was due to see the doctor straight after they said it was nothing and the doctor would have a look.

Sitting in the waiting room my husband was sure I had heard them incorrectly.  So once it was our turn to see the doctor we were called into see the junior doctor, I told him I actually think the head doctor wants to see me due to what the sonographer saw.  He was a bit puzzled so went into the other room with us.  I remember the doctor saying “oh don’t mind them, there is no way we wouldn’t have seen it before now if there was a third baby”.

So they scanned me again to prove her point and both doctors eyes were glued to the screen.  I will never forget the look on their faces.  Confusion.  Shock.  How could this be, how could they have missed a third baby.  Its week 34, triplets are delivered at week 34 because there is not enough room in there for them.

The doctor then brought us upstairs to the bigger scan machines to check and they also completed an internal scan.  Utter confusion on the doctor’s face and every sonographer that was called in.

There was definitely three heads showing on three different machines.  The third head was measuring 33 weeks and it had blood flow going to it but they couldn’t trace the body.

I remember the doctor saying not to get excited yet (Excited?  Three babies?  Week 34? Living in a two bedroom apartment).  My head was about to explode.   She sent me to get steroid injections to boost the babies lungs because if I carrying three babies they had to be delivered this week.

She had never come across a case like this so she said she wanted to get me to have an MRI if possible so they can find out if the third baby is viable.  She thought that that there was a very high chance the third baby hadn’t made it.

All of a sudden I was carrying what looked like three babies or two healthy babies and a dead baby.  How could I not have sensed it if something was wrong?  I couldn’t help feeling I should have known.  I also couldn’t help but worry that maybe I was carrying two conjoined babies and another baby, how else could they see the head but not trace the body?  My head was destroyed.

People were like how will you cope with three?  I couldn’t think of that struggle because I had to put all my thoughts into the hope that they were all ok and that they were all going to be healthy.  Once they were safe and healthy we would cope with anything else.

So on the Monday we were told we were having triplets, Monday and Tuesday I had to have the steroid injections.  Wednesday I went to work and I was in limbo, it’s all a blur.  Thursday I had the MRI.

Going into the MRI there were only two outcomes we could have 1. Three living babies or 2. Two living babies and one that didn’t make it.

The MRI was horrible, trying to lay there and not feel sick and being so big I could barely fit into the machine.  Straight after the doctor came to give us the results, I was so scared to hear what she was about to say but what she did say was not expected.  “There is no sign of a third baby at all”

What the ****?  No one really had any explanation.  They believe it must have been a shadow on the day of the scan.  A shadow?  On three different machines and also could be seen on the internal scan.  It didn’t really make sense but I couldn’t allow myself to worry about it, I had to get my head together for the two babies I was about to have.

Things got harder after this.  I don’t think my body could fight anymore.  I struggled through to week 36.  On the Monday I was itching, so I was sent for blood tests on the Tuesday and more on the Wednesday. Tracing of the hearts was on the Thursday and that day I was admitted because they suspected I had the HELP version of preeclampsia which meant they would need to deliver straight away.  Luckily it wasn’t the HELP version so they were able to wait until the following morning.    

It was the scariest walk of my life, I was terrified leaving the ward and walking to the operating room.  People asked if I was ok but all I could do was burst into tears and then laugh.  All I was able to say was “well neither option is a good option at this stage, they have to come out”.

So it was Friday 29th January and my beautiful twins were born by planned C-section, one minute apart.   The doctor showed us our beautiful little girl and then our beautiful little boy and then goes “and definitely no third baby”.

What a journey it had been to get here but here we were with two amazing, beautiful and healthy babies that nothing else mattered. 

4 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Journey”

  1. Wow that scared life out of me for you, You poor thing it can be such a scary experience I have dour children four years six years an eight month twins. My six year old is a twin we made it to 30 weeks but unfortunately only one survived then I had my little girl an then came the shock of twins again most hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was go though another twin pregnancy not knowing if they were going to survive. I had condition called twin to twin transfusion syndrome were I had to have Lazer treatment chances were smaller twin would not survive. I carried along to 36weeks bang on that 36week mark my identical twin girl arrived safe and sound small one weighting 5.2 bigger one weighing 5.6 couple hospital stays for both every so often but they are triviving an proved doctors so wrong.. Hope your little bundles of joy are doing well xxx

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    1. Thank you Sarah. Congratulations on your 8 month old twin girls, your hands are def full. Thank you for sharing your story, I admire you for all you have been through xxx


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