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Have Kids They Said!

Have kids they said…  It will be fun they said!

Motherhood is the biggest shock to your system that you will ever get.  It is hard.  It is exhausting.  It is emotional.  It is crazy.  It is life changing.   It tests your sanity and shakes you to your core and if I had known what I was in for, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to sign up for it.

However, even through the craziness I love being a mother and I know how blessed I am to be one.  I love the person motherhood has made me (minus some of the emotional break downs and the crazy moments I’ve had).

Motherhood is inspiring.  It is everything.  It is incredible the love you can have for the little people who drive you to the brink of sanity.  They become your world and your teachers.   It is amazing how they see the world and how they can light up your world.

That said it is so easy to lose yourself along the way and not even realise it.  You end up running on autopilot being everything to everyone and end up forgetting about yourself.   It is important though to remember who you are and what it is that you need.  Taking the time to get in touch with yourself is so important especially when you have such a hectic lifestyle.

I got lost in it all and for a while I thought that this was it.  Amanda was now Mum, end of my story and the start of my children’s.  I couldn’t see how it was possible to follow my dreams anymore because they took over everything.  They took over all my time and all my energy and I didn’t feel I had anything left to give at the end of the day.

For some women motherhood is their calling and it leaves them so fulfilled and complete, but that isn’t the case for all women out there.  It took me a while to understand that this is ok.  This is normal for a lot of us.  To give our best to our children we have to be true to ourselves and follow our goals so that we can be an empowering role model for our children.

Motherhood is the most important part of your life but your wellbeing is also a big part of who you are.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed which makes it hard to see what is possible but learning how to fully embrace who you are and learning to balance it with motherhood is possible.

I now have a career that I love, am passionate about and that gives me the flexibility that I want to be there for my family.  A career that I had never thought was possible.  I am now a qualified confidence and life success coach and work with women who are ready to get unstuck, refocused and back on track.

Remember: You deserve to be happy and to live a life that lights you up and that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

If I can do it anyone can, that I know for sure.   A happy and balanced Mam = a happy family!

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