Hi, I’m Amanda and a mum of twins. I am a confidence and mindset coach for mums who are ready to go from overwhelmed to motivated and living life with joy and purpose.

I started my business so that I could reach as many women as possible, especially mothers, who feel trapped in their day-to-day lives.

I know that there are so many women out there feeling lost and overwhelmed right now.  

Feeling like you don’t know yourself anymore and worried that this is it, that this is what motherhood is going to look like  – forget about who I was before I had this huge responsibility of taking care of a family.

I know how this feels. I remember how lost I felt when I became a Mum, I lost all confidence in who I was. This was the life I had always wanted and here I was at my lowest – I felt so alone and empty at times.

I had always been a motivated and ambitious person but right then I couldn’t see how it was possible to keep that part of me and still be a good mum and wife. 

This left me feeling so guilty and selfish. 

Before becoming a mum my life was busy but I was in control of my schedule and I got a solid 8 hours sleep most nights.  I worked a part time job as well as running my own business and was always on the go. I looked and felt like a woman in control. 

Then, when I become a mum – I lost it all. 

I lost all confidence in myself and let my business go because I couldn’t cope with it all. 

I was tired of feeling exhausted and resentful. It was like there was nothing left of me.

I knew that something needed to change. 

So I started searching online for courses in personal development – I thought that maybe a course would help me get motivated and give me something other than babies to focus on.  

This is when I stumbled on life coaching.  

I have to be honest, I had never heard of life coaching before and my first instinct was – this could all be a little woowoo – but I am a personal development junkie and the training covered topics I love so I said – sign me up!

Not only did I walk away from this training as a qualified coach – I walked away a changed woman.

Now my life is joyful, I am happier and I am more centred than I have ever been.  Life still comes with ups and downs but I have learnt how to deal with life as it comes along and still be able to laugh along the way. 

The power and simplicity of the tools I learnt to use changed my life and now I want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. 

This is why I became a Mama Mindset Coach, so that I could show women that you don’t have to stay stuck in overwhelm, that it is possible for you to regain your motivation and create a life of happiness and purpose.  

Professional Bio: 

Amanda Murray is a Mama Mindset Coach for Mums who are ready to go from overwhelmed to motivated and living with joy and purpose.  

She has been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years and has over 17 years management experience in the customer service industry.  She lives in Ireland with her husband and twins.

Contributor for: Her View From Home, Filter Free Parents and Imperfectly Perfect Mama.


My first successful business was Signature Gifts – a personalised products business.

I am an accredited Executive and Life Coaching with QQI level 6 Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics from PSG.

I have diplomas in Event Management from The Fitzwilliam Institute and Desktop Publishing from International Academy of Computer Training.

I have certificates in Marketing, Advertising and PR and Journalism.

Random facts about me:

I love walking, it is where I do my best thinking, for me it’s a form of meditation. 

I am a personal development junkie – every book in my audible library is personal development.

I love chilling out in front of romantic comedies or binging on renovation shows.

I thought twins would be great to have – you know a full family in one go kind of idea (we even named them in 2013) – so when we found out a couple of years later we were having twins we weren’t actually too shocked. 

My first real job was learning how to install intruder alarms – it definitely wasn’t the career for me. 

I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and that every person should have at least one big audacious dream they are working towards. 

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